We’ll start with listening.

We begin by understanding who and what you value. Who do you care about? Why do you work, and what is the purpose of money in your life? What financial concerns, questions or big decisions can we address together? This creates the foundation for our partnership and ensures that you experience value in our service every step of the way.

The Technical Services: What We Accomplish For You

The technical aspect of our work regularly includes: organization, review, and recommendations regarding the following:

  • Net worth assessment and tracking.
  • Cash flow and savings projections.
  • Investment management and retirement planning.
  • Exercise and sale of stock options.
  • RSUs and concentrated stock position planning.
  • Tax planning around equity holdings.
  • Vehicle, home and life insurance review and recommendations.
  • Estate planning and guardianship considerations.
  • Debt assessment, refinancing, and payoff strategies (i.e. education, home, credit card, car, etc.)
  • Employee benefits reviews and recommendation.
  • Personal residence purchase analysis and projections.
  • Income tax projection and planning.
  • Dependent care and education strategy.
  • Investment real estate purchase/sale assessments.
  • Charitable giving and living generously.

The result of our work together is clarity around each of these topics in your life. We meet with clients at least twice a year, and more frequently during times of change and transition to monitor progress, provide advice on key decisions, and support your journey.

Implementing solutions

Comprehensive financial planning isn't just a buzz phrase or a marketing slogan for us. We address your felt needs and walk you through areas you may not have yet thought to consider. We can work with your tax preparer, or coordinate their completion ourselves. We can develop your savings plan for your kids education while taking into account your stock options and home purchase goals. Throughout, we will seek to understand and help you shape your life around what brings you the greatest joy.

Simply, we're here to walk alongside you as you enjoy the journey.