We are an independent fee-only firm.

As fiduciaries we are legally liable to put your best interest above our own. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Put simply, we want you to experience significantly more in the value of our work together than the cost of our services. Our transparent fee structure is designed to allow us to work with clients in the Bay Area who have a lifetime ahead of them. We require no investable asset minimum and welcome clients who hold concentrated stock positions, illiquid company stock or options, or who have inherited or are building wealth through real estate investments.

We think it’s important that you know exactly what we’ll cover and how we will be compensated before we agree to work together. You’ll know the costs at the outset for planning, tax work, and investment management. Our planning fees are based on complexity and the time commitment we expect to make. Our fee begins with a one-time onboarding initial payment and then an ongoing annual fee billed monthly or quarterly. Investment management fees may offset some or all of your financial planning costs. The minimum annual fee is $2,400 per year.

This may be one of your first experiences with in depth financial planning. For this reason, we’re happy to work with you on urgent needs or a comprehensive financial plan. Your fee will be calculated according to our time commitment and you’ll always know the cost before we agree to work together. We provide this project-based and tax planning for a fee of $200/hour.