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Along with providing comprehensive financial planning, we’re excited about the wealth building potential of equity compensation and real estate investment in the Bay Area. Our commitment to orchestrating both your tax planning and financial planning allows us to provide solutions for your unique circumstances. 

SPEAKING: Incentive Stock Option & Alternative Minimum Tax Education For Startup Teams

We’re on a mission to help tech workers get the most out of their equity compensation. To that end we want to help you and your team understand how your Incentive Stock Options work, what pitfalls to watch for, and help you establish an understanding of the Alternative Minimum Tax. We’re happy to come by your office to share with the team as a whole or set up sessions for small group education and Q&A.  


Whether you’re part of a seed-phase start-up, have gone through several rounds of funding, are an early employee of a unicorn, or an executive in a company that went public many moons ago, you have unique challenges and opportunities tied to your equity. Taxation, liquidity, and diversification issues, along with special reporting requirements may well accompany your RSUs, ISOs, NQSOs, and potential 83(b) and 83(i) elections. Together we’ll track your compensation, and plan around your tax and liquidity needs, all within the context of the remainder of your life plans.


For those considering the exercise of Incentive Stock Options, we provide a full review of past tax returns, current compensation and future projections including estimates of Alternative Minimum Tax liability and AMT credits for future carryover. We dig into your option agreement and tax returns to provide you with a thorough understanding of your choices and the exact ramifications of how your exercise plan will affect your bottom line. We can also help you evaluate tender offers or your company’s potential upcoming IPO. Learn more about our Incentive Stock Option Planning Program.


In our client’s real estate investments, we help navigate cash-flow, internal rates of return, tax impact, liquidity and diversification issues, and understanding real estate in the context of broader life planning goals. Whether you’ve inherited property, are considering purchasing your first home or a rental property, or already own a real estate portfolio, we will help you take a measured approach to your next steps.